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Thursday, December 31, 2009
On The 1st Day Of 2010

I got my thumb bitten by an iguana, so I had a bandage as a kick-start for new years. Darn D:

Oww D:
Well, I can't really find much to blog about since it's so hectic and I'm lazy much, not to mention later I'll be going shitloads of places. Shitloads of places I mean...O btw, the 1st day of this year, marks a new price rise for our groceries. Fuck you government. You made my mixed rice more expensive!! Ok anyway, it's about time to get going...chowz and Happy New Year!!

posted @ 9:51 PM

Friday, December 25, 2009
No Shit Sherlock

Another particularly short review. One word, genius. This movie is about a consulting detective named Sherlock Holmes. You might have heard his name elsewhere before but never as badass as this.

Storyline wasn't really clear and all but it's not the main focus anyway. The plot was quite awesome I'd say but there are events that are insignificant to the storyline but it does reveal more of the character and their god damn funny and it prevents the whole show from being too linear.

Characters in question, Sherlock is fucking awesome. You'll know why if you watch the movie. This is what makes him THE Sherlock, not detective Conan. I won't really reveal anything about the characters but you should be familiar if you ever read the novel series of this show.

The music was also darn awesome, it fit right into the scene. Hans Zimmer has contributed more than just a music to listen to when we're shooting russians outside the white house(Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2) It's also very noticeable even through the heat of action in the film.

This show doesn't lack humor or action and sometimes does both at the same time. It's somewhat slapstick at times and freaking ridiculous but it does get you laughing even if you seen a horse everyday in your life.

To summarize, 9/10 would be appropriate for this. There's a few subtle flaws in this show but nothing to worry about. Awesome show and most likely there will be a sequel.

posted @ 4:22 PM

Avatar: The Last...Handicapped Marine

Well ok I didn't know the show was about a handicapped marine considering the trailer was rather shitty. But yet again, this IS from the guy who made Titanic. So why not. I'm gonna make this short because I'm gonna do 2 more posts right after this one and no one likes a wall of text.

Storyline-wise, Cameron did a nice job. Although it's still based on a rather common theme of greed. It goes like: you fuck me I fuck you. The show had a few major plot flaws though. Aside from that, there's shit loads of unique stuff. Like...tentacles in your hair that can control animals :D

The protagonist in question is a handicapped marine. The guy's a marine but he touches nearly everything he sees and this gets him into trouble. Cameron seems to like using this method to advance the storyline but the protagonist acts like a down syndrome kid whenever he decides to touch something and see the plant's nastic movement.

Cameron also has a faggot attitude of making characters die. I don't know how many people died in the show man, I think more protagonists died than antagonists(without including the cookie cutter soldiers)

This show also lacks a sense of humor. Every time they try to make you laugh, but you can't and for some reason the malays beside me keep laughing at everything like people falling off their horse and getting covered in mud was always this funny to them probably because they never saw what a horse looks like.

Overall I give this 7.9/10, creativity is the real value of this show but aside from art spam and awesome storyline, the emotional parts of the show often fail for some reason probably because we aren't used to seeing blue people. Don't forget the major plot flaws.

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Sunday, December 20, 2009
What To Do?!

Well, today me and boomer went to KPP(Kursus Pendidikan Pemandu) which is compulsory in a long line of procedures to obtain a driver's license. The guy who was fetching me and boomer to the location where we attend that "course" had me stunned. Well his choice of music was pop. Mainstream shitty pop songs. So shitty that it killed my mood to talk. Gah...

Course was pretty boring, the instructors can't really get humorous or lame. In between that gray line of both, they can't make any fancy jokes at all. So what I did throughout course = 1. listen for awhile 2. try not to fall asleep by playing phone games 3. if all else fails, fall asleep for 10 minutes.

Boring course over and now I'm at home, with nothin much t0 do D: Well, I'll just head over to /b/ later. Anyway, gonna get my guitar out now and thanks for reading :D There ain't anythin much to do ararararararararara

posted @ 8:01 AM

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Omg, today had to trouble my parents to fetch me to WC's house. Haih, damn sad...If only they consent to get me a car. Either way, got to Ritz Carlton pretty fast la tho we wait for our "ambulance" damn long. Thanks Lucas :)

A quick summary on the event cuz its 2.30 right now, and I need my nap soon. Well, the event didnt really lived up to it...Food and all was quite ok, nt bad. In fact, I like the bread lol. The emcee was quite funny la, fail Russel Peters imitator tho. The games and all, entertaining to watch although I wont be telling my children and grand children what I saw at prom...Srsly, blowing a balloon with a condom >_> I doubt my kids need to know anythin about that.

There was nearly no dancing, everyone was just jumping like shit as if they were on crack. No rly, I went there jump awhile then I got shoved to 1 side cuz they all were jumping nuts. That aint dancing doods. Most of the time I just wandered around the hall cuz I knew people from a few different groups, but not much on those in classes that started with M. Thats pretty much how I spent time while waiting for people to finish jumping omg.

The people outside despo to sell their shirts omg, luckily the guy can understand I cant be persuaded >_> Well, we had to wait longer for Wai Sin's parents to come to the rescue though D: Thanks Wai Sin, and his parents for fetching me and a bunch of other guys back to home one by one :D Thanks for reading too, hope your prom doesn't end up having more sex related events than dancing events ._.

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Friday, December 11, 2009
Tonight, We Party At JJ's!!

Gah, too bad I don't have a proper camera to snap photos. So it'll be a wall of text D: Sien, at the starting I thought I cud go for both paintball and pork party cuz the timing is quite nice, but in the end my folks had to make a spontaneous visit to Ipoh for my sis's minor surgery(stunned) so I had to stay overnight at Boomer's house D:

Next day we get all the darn ingredients and we were done cept with the lamb leg, darn thing cudn't be chopped unless we used a saw. Wow. Got all the crap done, nearly lost LJJ's dog ._. And then I was stoning quite a long time to take care of the dog, little guy's really anxious for the lamb ROFL it rushed and nearly got a bite at our lamb D:

1 thing tho, we had a New Zealand guy came over. Awesome, at least I understand his slang w00t. Nice guy and all, but he was...16 D: mah god, I really has stunted growth cuz hes near same height as me. Darn. Summary of party: Awesome but a lil lack on organization. Thanks to Wai Sin and Calvin who worked their asses off with those bbq sets of theirs. Thanks to Boomer who gotz em lamb legs and all. Thanks to LJJ for lending us his place. And several others who contributed in making all this happen. Tho I didnt really talk to much people last night ._.

Stunned tho, I wonder where does Freddy and LJJ even find the mood to play any sport after a 5 hours nap. Anyway, thanks for reading and hope this happens again next year. With more smuggled booze :D

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009
Full Swing

SPM ish over!! Well, that means I'll be blogging quite often from now on. Although I don't really have much to write and all, here's a shitbrix picture I took yesterday while me and a bunch of friends were hiking back from cc yesterday.

Slide up anyone? Anyway, I wish everyone happy hols in advance cuz I'll have bucketloads to do. Tata~

posted @ 5:36 PM